Hi, I'm a student at Cal Poly Pomona. Currently, I am studying finance with my focus directed towards investment management and capital markets. Specifically, I am searching for alpha creating opportunities by combining an index tracking strategy with simple volatility indicators with the goal of capturing returns when markets are about to be overbought and avoiding losses when markets are about to be oversold. I like to think of this approach as "Market Arbitrage". This year (2016-2017) I am serving as President of Finance Society, Vice President of Real Estate Association, and VP of Professional Development for our Alpha Kappa Psi colony on campus. Outside of campus, I have had the opportunity to learn from industry professionals through an internship with the Subadvisor Oversight team at Charles Schwab Investment Management in Lone Tree, CO, as well as the Corporate Finance Internship at Waddell & Reed in Brea, CA. I am also studying a minor in Philosophy with a focus in Implicit Bias; this topic has won a special place in my heart, and has led me to care very deeply about implicit bias in practice, how it affects social interactions, as well as what options we have to acknowledge and correct for implicit biases.